Your Plan

Providing Dental, Drug, Vision and EHS benefits to help you live a longer, healthier life:

Dental Benefits

70% coverage of basic dental care and 50% coverage of major restorative care.

$750 maximum in year 1, $1000 in year 2, $1250 in year 3 and $1500 in year 4 and thereafter.

Prescription Drugs

80% coverage until you spend $1000 out-of-pocket, then 100% covered, with a $70,000 lifetime drug maximum.


$250 every 24 months, or with a prescription change, for glasses and contacts and eye exams, up to $75 per year, where not covered by provincial plans.

Extended Health Services

Durable medical equipment and hearing aids, land ambulance coverage.

The Stelco Retiree Benefit Trust is dedicated to providing non-USW Stelco retirees (current and future) and their families with fair, equitable, and affordable benefits coverage.  Click the link below to view your benefit plan booklet, which provides important information on treatments and services covered, and co-payments, co-insurance or other limits.